Success Motivation: Learn to Embrace Change to Level Up

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Life is constantly changing, evolving, and shifting. This is a rule of thumb of science and everyday life. On the most basic level, cells turn over, atoms are exchanged, carbon becomes new organisms. And just as science teaches us that change is inevitable, we see our lives and society change constantly as well.

So why are we so afraid of change? We can sometimes cling to a false sense of stability that is ingrained in us throughout our lives. Just ask any successful high-risk investor who has seen their stocks go up and down, who have lost money at one point but gained much more on their investments at other times.

By accepting that change is inevitable and even learning to enjoy change, we can level up and reach our goals faster than ever. Here are some ways we can embrace change in our daily lives:

1) Do Things Outside of Your Comfort Zone

What are you afraid of? If you were to do that thing, would the outcome be positive? If so, then what is holding you back besides not wanting to feel your own fear?

When you step outside of your comfort zone, your comfort zone becomes larger.

Go somewhere you've never been before, try a new workout routine, whatever getting out of your comfort zone means to you, make it happen.

2) Cultivate an Abundant Mindset

When I was in college, I worked three jobs to make ends meet. I worked constantly and weekends did not exist for me. I was living in a constant state of scarcity. This creates fear which deters growth. Having this mindset can lead to chronic indecision.

Being in a scarce mindset makes you fear changing circumstances instead of flowing with everything that comes about even if it is negative.

When you have thoughts of scarcity, replace them with thoughts of abundance and gratitude for what you have now and all the opportunities that will sprout up in the future. This makes it easier to embrace changing circumstances that could actually be opportunities in disguise.

Just by having gratitude for how far you've come, you will ground yourself in an abundant outlook.

3) Be Open-minded Without Letting Go of Your Values

Being trapped by your own set in stone opinions on things will make you just that; trapped. Establish your values and boundaries but be open to different perspectives. When you are open to hearing other people out instead of being quick to judge or unwilling to question your own point of view, change becomes a comfortable mental shift. Sometimes, the hardest thing to change is your own thoughts but not if you become comfortable with doing so.


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