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Mary Garland is a business and marketing consultant working in the Boston area. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Suffolk University and is currently working towards her MBA at Suffolk University. She devoted several years of her career working as a political consultant, providing insight and leadership for several campaigns in Massachusetts and completing a policy research fellowship in DC with CKI, emphasized on macroeconomics, taxation and government transparency. Mary is passionate about helping businesses solve 

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marketing problems and improve their appeal to b2b and b2c customers. She uses her real-world experience working with start-ups and small businesses to analyze concerns and provide practical solutions.


Mary's business philosophy is that there is always more to learn at every milestone of a business's trajectory. She takes the approach that both consultant and client can learn from each other; comunication is key, especially at the start of a project to mitigate any chance of something falling through the cracks. This humble approach assures that Mary is able to deliver a quality, seamless consulting service.


In addition to consulting, Mary is also a professional commercial model represented by Dynasty International Models INC in Boston. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and kayaking out in the great outdoors, as well as horseback riding. See some of her photography from her many excursions, here.

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Although not onboarding new clients at this time, Mary is currently looking to join a dynamic team. Contact her today:

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Email - marygarlandprojects@gmail.com

LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/mary-garland-boston

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