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How to Have a Social Media Presence:

It's pretty self evident that a social media presence is important for a company to have. And depending on industry and product, it can be more important than the company website. Crazy huh? This is why you need to ensure your team is producing just the right amount of content, to the right people on your social media channels and this all comes down to data analytics. Social media is an opportunity to get to know your customers on a personal level.

What is a Website Audit?

A full website audit is a procedure that should be conducted quarterly or yearly. It ensures that the website is meeting the objectives needed to serve your customers optimally and cater to the needs of the sales, marketing, and other internal departments' needs to solve business concerns and keep revenue flowing. In short, a functioning website is an absolutely indispensable asset of your company's success in an ever-changing and growing marketplace

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Why Most Websites Fail at SEO

You could have the most beautiful website in the world that nobody will ever see. That is because the bottom line of many designers and developers is to create a site that the client will say "Wow, this looks Amazing! Look at those graphics and images! And those colors!", and worry about the practicality later.. usually at an enormous additional fee months later when the client realizes their business' website doesn't show up on the first page or even the third of Google. A website is a long-term investment; That is why a clear and honest SEO plan is crucial to ensure the money you put into creating your website is money well spent. 

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Most CEOs are busy and can be hard pressed to spend the adequate time to build, maintain and lead the direction of the day to day tasks of a marketing team. And with digital marketing changing so rapidly, what business manager has the time to learn it all? With expertise in both team leadership and marketing strategy, Mary can take the marketing burden off your schedule.


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